You are planning to sell your home in Amsterdam. Aland is a sales broker where you can count on thinking along with your situation, speed, service, unburdening and finally ensuring the best possible return.

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Successful selling starts with what is the need of a potential buyer? What is the buyer looking for on a viewing? Which USPs and possibilities of the home are in line with this? As a seller and broker you have to respond to that. The majority of buyers are looking for a ready-made home. They are also willing to pay a little more for that and to offer more. Where the time and resources are there, this can then start with the right set-up. Perhaps it is already present and if not styling and or some cosmetic procedures can offer a solution. In addition, it is my job to help the buyers visualize the possibilities. This should make it clear that the house meets their wishes after any renovations.


There may be a situation where speed is required. Perhaps you are divorced or there is a death. In those cases I can of course also assist you. I can switch quickly and I am available immediately. Aland immediately arranges the photographer and a party for measuring your home. This means that the house is for sale in the shortest possible time. Where possible, I unburden you by planning the steps such as measuring and photographer, but also being present on location so that you do not have to be.

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The usual steps to take when selling include the following:

  • Measuring the house NEN2580
  • Take pictures
  • Inventory neighborhood & USPs
  • Format sales text
  • Funda placement and other promotion

Aland takes care of these matters for you so that you can continue with your daily activities. You simply pay the costs afterwards after a successful sale.