How can I best sell my house?

A frequently asked question we often hear: How can I best sell my house? The answer starts with choosing a real estate agent. Of course, you can try to sell your house yourself, and in this day and age, there is certainly a chance of success. However, an agent who does this day in and day out often has the expertise to reach potential buyers in a unique way and can advise you on what to do and what not to do to achieve the best result. While it may be tempting to save money by not hiring an agent, this can ultimately come at the expense of your proceeds.

What does it cost to sell a house?

When you decide to sell your home through a real estate agent, you will receive a commission invoice. This invoice includes costs for, among other things, taking photographs, measuring the square footage, and an advertisement, all of which are included in the price. Additionally, there may be costs for obtaining a (new) energy label. If there is still a mortgage on the property, costs may arise at the transfer of ownership for repaying the remaining mortgage amount. Read more about the real estate agent fees.

What is the value of my home?

If you’re considering selling your home and are curious about its potential value, please fill in your details below. We will contact you and provide information on what we believe your property could currently fetch in the market. Completing the form is the first step toward gaining a clear understanding of your home’s value.

    Selling your house with instructions

    How can I sell a house for the highest price?

    To sell a house for the highest possible price, it is crucial to ensure the property is in excellent condition and spotlessly clean. This might include replacing a rusty shower hose and giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, perhaps in a modern color like light beige. Additionally, it’s essential to present the home optimally during viewings and in photos. This often means removing excess items and creating a stylish, chic interior. Sometimes, hiring a staging company can be advisable. A good real estate agent with a broad reach and network also helps. Aland has a large reach among real estate agents and on social media, with multiple channels and many followers.

    Welke stappen bij woning verkopen?

    The following steps are necessary to successfully sell a house:

    1. Measure the property according to NEN2580 standards
    2. Download or update the energy label
    3. Collect documents from the homeowners’ association (VVE), the deed of division, and the deed of conveyance
    4. Have professional photos, videos, and/or drone footage taken
    5. Write an appealing and accurate sales description
    6. Promote the property through advertisements and other marketing methods
    7. Conduct viewings
    8. Evaluate offers based on price and conditions
    9. Draft or have a sales agreement drafted
    10. Perform a final inspection and go to the notary for the transfer of ownership
    House successfully sold. Key transfer

    ✅ Measure the property according to NEN2580. This is a standardized method for measuring the area of a building according to specific guidelines, ensuring consistency and accuracy in the measurement.

    ✅ Request an existing energy label via Mijn overheid. If your energy label has expired or energy-saving measures have been implemented, have it updated. Someone will come by to inspect the property and then send a new report.

    ✅ The deed of ownership, an excerpt from the land registry, the energy label, building plans, and any permits for renovations or extensions must be collected. Warranty certificates and certifications for completed renovations or installations (such as a new central heating boiler) are also important, as well as documents from the Homeowners’ Association (VVE).

    ✅ A professional photoshoot and video recording are essential in selling a property. Beautiful visual content helps to pique potential buyers’ interest in the property, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

    ✅ A thoughtful and compelling sales text can highlight the unique features of the property, such as its location, layout, and distinctive characteristics. The aim is to arouse the interest of potential buyers and excite them about scheduling a viewing.

    ✅ Promoting the sale of a property on Funda and social media is crucial for reaching a wide audience. Funda is the place where potential buyers search for their dream home, and listing a property there is essential. We also see that social media can be an important link.

    ✅ It is essential to carefully examine offers, as the highest bid may not always be the most suitable to accept. Bidders sometimes retract their offers, making it important to act quickly and appropriately to keep potential alternative bidders engaged. In addition to price, the terms of the offer are also important.

    ✅ A sales agreement is necessary. Drafting such an agreement requires knowledge and experience with legal jargon. Never sign an agreement without understanding its contents. It is risky to download and send an agreement yourself if you do not fully understand what it entails. The consequences of ambiguity can be significant.

    ✅ A final inspection is incredibly important. There may have been changes in the property. Is there no running water, are there leaks, or are squatters living there? During an inspection, hidden defects may become apparent. Perhaps not all furniture has been removed either. A real estate agent can help you navigate such unpleasant situations.

    Guidance by Aland in selling your home

    Selling a home is a complex process that should not be taken lightly. Often, things don’t go as planned, and if you don’t have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle these unforeseen circumstances, the consequences can be disastrous. Aland can guide you through all the steps. If necessary, we can connect you with stylists and craftsmen. Everything is discussed and done in a 100% transparent manner.
    A real estate agent acts as insurance, reducing the likelihood of problems while also ensuring a higher yield. So why not take advantage of this valuable assistance? Discover more about the Aland sales agent and the associated services here. With our expertise and guidance, you can confidently sell your home with fewer risks and better results.

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