Questions regarding services and rental properties

Do you have properties available now?

We have on regular base properties available for 1950 and 2250. First price offers nice 2 bedroom apartment and second higher price 3 bedroom. We have options in South West area near World Fashion Center and South area near RAI. Contact us if you are interested and your salary meets the 3,5 times monthly rent requirements.

Where can I find affordable rental housing?

The shortage of rental properties means extremely high rental rates and strict requirements that you as a tenant must meet. It is useful to be clear whether you comply and to have all documents ready.

What guarantees do I have, such as no cure no pay?

Finding a rental property is simply extremely difficult. You only pay us after we have found something.

Which documents are needed?

Before we get started, we need to collect a number of documents so that we can deliver them the same day when the viewings are scheduled. Aland helps you collect the documents and provides a neat file that can be handed over to the landlord or landlord’s agent. In any case, it is necessary:

Pay slips (last 3 months)
Income statement see website belastingdienst
Perpetual contract werkgeversverklaring

Rental house
Rent out property

Rent out property

Aland unburdens you, takes care of advertising, screening and control. Aland takes a lot of work and worries off your hands. Of course you want a good and reliable candidate. We do everything we can to arrange this for you as a rental agent in Amsterdam. We check the creditworthiness, identification and background information of the potential tenants. In this way we ensure that the chance of any problems is as small as possible.
Whether it’s an apartment, houseboat or house. Aland provides a photo shoot where necessary and takes care of the placement on (various) channels such as Funda, Pararius and Social Media.

Search a rental property

There may be a situation where speed is required. Perhaps you are divorced or there is a death. In those cases I can of course also assist you. I can switch quickly and I am available immediately. Aland tries to find a suitable home in no time. Of course we are also dependent on the market  but we can make a good contribution through an extensive network as well as knowledge and skills.

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