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Together with the buyer’s agent in IJmuiden, we assist you in finding your ideal home in IJmuiden. You receive professional support from our buyer’s agent, ensuring better chances of success and avoiding pitfalls. As a leading expert in IJmuiden and beyond, we understand the unique housing market of this region. Our experienced agent guides you through every step of the purchasing process, from identifying available options to organizing viewings and negotiating the best terms. Your preferences and requirements are central, and we strive to find your perfect home in IJmuiden together with you. It all starts with an introduction. Feel free to call us to schedule a meeting.

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With our sales agent by your side in IJmuiden, we guide you through the process of selling your former dream home in this region. By taking advantage of the professional support from our sales agent, you increase your chances of success and a higher yield. With extensive knowledge and a broad network spanning multiple municipalities, you can count on success. Our expert agent is ready to guide you through every phase of the sales process. We organize viewings and negotiate favorable terms. Are you interested in buying a new home after selling your old one? Explore the possibilities of a combined deal where we assist you with both steps. Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.

  • ✅ No cure, no pay
  • ✅ Introduction in IJmuiden or online
  • ✅ Payment only AFTER results
  • ✅ Plan tailored to IJmuiden
  • ✅ Good experiences in IJmuiden
  • ✅ Taking care of everything from start to finish
  • ✅ Also available in evenings and weekends
  • ✅ Free valuation
  • ✅ No cure, no pay
  • ✅ Introduction in IJmuiden or online
  • ✅ Payment only AFTER results
  • ✅ Plan tailored to IJmuiden
  • ✅ Good experiences in IJmuiden
  • ✅ Taking care of everything from start to finish
  • ✅ Also available in evenings and weekends
  • ✅ Free valuation

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What facilities are available in IJmuiden?

IJmuiden offers a wide range of amenities that make it an attractive place to live. Some of these amenities include:

1. **Shops and Supermarkets:** In the center of IJmuiden and scattered throughout the neighborhoods, you can find various shops and supermarkets for daily groceries and other necessities.

2. **Restaurants and Cafés:** There are numerous dining options in IJmuiden, ranging from cozy cafes to restaurants offering diverse cuisines, including seafood restaurants benefiting from the proximity to the sea.

3. **Schools:** For families, there are several primary and secondary schools in IJmuiden, as well as daycare centers and after-school care facilities.

4. **Sports and Recreation:** Sports enthusiasts can enjoy various sports facilities, including sports clubs, fitness centers, and swimming pools. Additionally, there are numerous opportunities for recreation, such as beaches, parks, and nature reserves.

5. **Healthcare:** IJmuiden has several general practitioner practices, pharmacies, and health centers, as well as a hospital in the nearby city of Haarlem.

6. **Public Transport:** Public transportation is well-organized in IJmuiden, with bus connections to surrounding cities and villages, as well as train stations in neighboring towns like Driehuis and Beverwijk.

7. **Cultural Facilities:** For cultural activities, there are theaters, cinemas, and museums located in nearby towns.

What are the transportation connections to and from IJmuiden like?

The transportation connections to and from IJmuiden are good, although the city itself is not directly accessible by train. Some important connections include:

1. **Roads:** IJmuiden is connected to the Dutch highway network via the A9 and A22. These highways offer fast connections to cities such as Amsterdam, Haarlem, Alkmaar, and Utrecht.

2. **Public transport by bus:** IJmuiden has a well-developed network of bus lines connecting the city to surrounding towns and cities. There are direct bus connections to Amsterdam, Haarlem, Beverwijk, and other nearby locations.

3. **Bike paths:** Cycling is a popular and practical mode of transportation in and around IJmuiden. The city has an extensive network of bike paths, making it easy to explore the area by bike.

4. **Ferry connection:** For pedestrians and cyclists, there is a ferry connection between IJmuiden and Velsen-Noord, which regularly crosses the North Sea Canal. This ferry provides a quick crossing for those needing to travel to the other side for work or recreation.

Although IJmuiden itself does not have a train station, there are train stations in nearby towns like Driehuis and Beverwijk, both of which are within a short distance from IJmuiden and offer train travel to other destinations.

What guarantees do I have with you?

Finding or selling a property in IJmuiden is done by the real estate agent on a No cure No pay basis. You pay after the process is successful and completed. A small exception may be the initial costs for advertisements and reports for measurements, etc.

Is living in IJmuiden enjoyable?

IJmuiden offers plenty of green forest area, dune landscape, and a beautiful beach. It’s ideal for those who enjoy such environments to live in.

What are the costs for a real estate agent?

Get in touch with us and find out what our rates are to assist you with buying and/or selling. Take a look at our rates page for more information in advance.

Real estate agent IJmuiden
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Housingmarket IJmuiden

The housing market in IJmuiden maintains a stable appeal, partly due to the increasing interest from both local residents and individuals seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The variety of homes caters to everyone, from first-time buyers to families and even seniors looking for a peaceful place to enjoy their retirement. Additionally, opportunities and flexibility for construction and expansion present numerous prospects for homes in IJmuiden.


Milan van EedenMilan van Eeden
11:15 21 May 24
Received very good support during a very complicated purchasing process. Especially the communication was very good, always a quick response! Would definitely recommend this broker.
Dorota OstrowskaDorota Ostrowska
10:46 03 May 24
I really recommend it. Helped us find a house, which we thought was impossible. Very satisfied.
09:37 02 May 24
It was my pleasure to work with Arne. He’s very dedicated and detailed. Importantly, he’s service oriented from the beginning till the end. We got our house sold via his service, we’re very happy and can highly recommend him.
Nini NguyenNini Nguyen
10:02 23 Jan 24
I have the opportunity to work with Arne via a friend's referral. With clear communication and negotiation skill, Arne made the entire process of buying my new home smooth and at a very good price. I highly appreciate that Arne was even helping me after the buying with my renovation process, negotiate with contractor and follow up where needed.Highly recommend the service !!
Patty RochaPatty Rocha
15:26 18 Jan 24
I've met Arne while visiting a property by myself. I realized I had no idea of what to check while visiting a property and was lucky enough to meet an available realtor. He's helped me find a property to purchase in just over a month, and was very helpful on negotiating and also very resourceful arranging inspections, evaluations and notary appointments. He answers quickly, he's patient with our worries, and he understood quickly what I was looking for in a property. I recommend his services highly.
Stefan 86Stefan 86
13:47 09 Jan 24
This real estate agency helped me a lot in the process of finding a rental property.
Tra My NgTra My Ng
15:25 21 Oct 23
Arne helped to sell my house and buy a new one also, everything went very well and smooth. Arne was ALWAYS available for home tours, very well versed at dealing with other real estate agents to get things done quickly, made the buying and selling process so fast and easy. His responsiveness was incredible. It was really a pleasure to work with Arne.
Petite AnnePetite Anne
15:16 22 Jun 23
Arne from Aland Makelaars is very professional, has a great business flair and behaved in my best interest at all times. Arne went above and beyond to help me find my home. He shows patience, determination and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Aland Makelaars services.
Alessandro FornainiAlessandro Fornaini
20:59 08 Mar 23
We met Arne when buying our new house, he was the agent of the selling party. We had such a good connection that we decided to hire him to sell our old apartment.He definitely met our expectations. Across the years, we had experience with several realtors here in Amsterdam, and found Arne to be the most proactive, hands-on and dedicated to us.
Karolina MatogaKarolina Matoga
21:48 07 Mar 23
Great broker! Arne is very available and reliable. He always gives good advice and explains everything when in doubt. The highest level in a very friendly atmosphere. We wholeheartedly recommend it!
Luuk v ELuuk v E
11:41 13 Dec 22
Very satisfied with Arne, very enthusiastic and committed.
Olivier KlesserOlivier Klesser
16:23 18 Jan 22
Arne has helped with the both the purchase of our current apartment and the negotiations regarding the set up of our kitchen and bathroom. Very straight forward and transparent communication as well as an open minded approach.

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