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Living in Haarlem offers a unique blend of historic buildings, a bustling center with all necessary shops and facilities, beautiful natural areas for relaxing walks or bike rides, and proximity to the beach. Haarlem Station connects you to the capital within just 30 minutes by train.
With this appealing combination, Haarlem is a sought-after location for home seekers. However, finding a new house can be a challenge due to high demand. The price per square meter is more favorable than in Amsterdam but higher than in surrounding municipalities. In Haarlem, overbidding is common, which can be challenging for buyers but offers interesting opportunities for sellers. Our real estate agent specializes in the Haarlem property market and guarantees excellent results for both buyers and sellers.

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Does the real estate agent have homes available in Haarlem?

The real estate agent in Haarlem searches, sells, rents and rent out in Haarlem. We occasionally have houses available for rental in Haarlem. Please feel free to contact us without obligation to see if we can help you with your search. Also view our current housing listings to see whether there is a home that meets your needs.

What services do you offer in Haarlem?

We handle renting, leasing, purchasing, and selling in Haarlem. With a wonderful client base from both Amsterdam and Haarlem, that sometimes offers various advantages. We also regularly have homes available for rent in Haarlem. Additionally, we are happy to assist you in finding a home to buy or sell your property in Haarlem for the best outcome.

What residential neighborhoods are there in Haarlem?

Here is the complete list of 43 residential neighborhoods in Haarlem. Ask the Haarlem real estate agent for more information about a neighborhood.

  1. Centrum
  2. Schalkwijk
  3. Oost
  4. Noord
  5. Zuid
  6. Oud Schoten en Spaarndam
  7. West
  8. Merenwijk
  9. Boerhaavewijk
  10. Waarderpolder
  11. Leidsebuurt
  12. Bomenbuurt
  13. Rijksbuurt
  14. Zuiderhout
  15. Vondelkwartier
  16. Bloemenbuurt
  17. Transvaalbuurt
  18. Ter Kleefkwartier
  19. Indische Buurt
  20. Delftwijk
  21. Van Zeggelenbuurt
  22. Spaarndam-Oost
  23. Rozenprieel
  24. Planetenbuurt
  25. Patrimoniumbuurt
  26. Nieuwe Amsterdamse Buurt
  27. Moreelsepark
  28. Kleverparkbuurt
  29. Kennemerpleinbuurt
  30. Kennemerland-Zuid
  31. Kennemerland-Noord
  32. Kennemerpark
  33. Kennemerspark
  34. Kennemerpoort
  35. Kennemershof
  36. Kennemerhage
  37. Kennemerkwartier
  38. Kennemergaarde
  39. Kennemerduin
  40. Kennemerbuurt
  41. Kennemerbloemenbuurt
  42. Kennemerbomenbuurt
  43. Kennemerbeekbuurt
Is Haarlem an attractive option?

House prices are slightly more favorable than in the capital. And yet you are not far from bustling A’dam by public transport or perhaps even by bicycle.

How much does a real estate agent cost in Haarlem?

The real estate agent in Haarlem would like to meet you. Contact us and be informed about the options and rates. Also take a look at our pricing page for more information.

Real estate agency Haarlem for purchase and selling

Buying a house in Haarlem

In Haarlem, overbidding through a one time maximum bidding is common practice. To achieve the best results, knowledge, patience, and a well-thought-out plan are essential. Considering a move to Haarlem? We recommend doing so with a purchasing agent familiar with the local market. Aland has an experienced purchasing agent in Haarlem. If you’re about to buy a property in Haarlem, many questions arise: Is the foundation solid? How much should I offer? What are the possibilities for renovations? Our experienced real estate agent in Haarlem is ready to answer all your questions and guide you through every step of the process. Schedule an appointment to discuss the options with no obligation. At Aland, we don’t charge anything for an initial meeting or answering your questions.

Selling a house in Haarlem

Are you considering selling your home in Haarlem? Then we offer a complimentary property valuation to give you an indication of the expected selling price. We also provide tips on how to enhance the appeal of your house. When selling, it’s crucial to provide all relevant information. Especially with older homes, it’s essential to disclose potential defects that should be known to prevent issues after the sale.

At Aland Real Estate, we’ve assisted many satisfied clients with their property transactions in Haarlem. Let’s explore together how we can achieve the highest outcome for the sale of your home in Haarlem! Contact us today and discover how we can assist you in buying or selling a property in Haarlem!

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About the real estate agent in Haarlem

Our real estate agent in Haarlem is always committed to successfully completing every sales transaction. We aim for the best outcome for you. With our extensive experience and dedication, we strive to achieve your goals. Get to know our real estate agent in Haarlem without any obligation and discover how we can assist you in realizing your desires and needs. Arranging an introductory meeting is simple and free. Contact our office, and we’ll gladly schedule a suitable date and time that works for you.

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