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Java-Eiland, named after an island in Indonesia, was originally built as a breakwater for the Eastern Trade Quay. After being occupied mainly by squatters in the 1980s, the area was designated for residential development in the 1990s. All buildings were demolished and rebuilt. Due to its four canals, the island can actually be divided into five smaller islands, connected by beautiful footbridges. Walking around, you may sometimes feel as if you are in a foreign city.


Aland, as a real estate agent, knows KNSM Island with postal code 1019 well. KNSM is a peninsula where around 2,300 people lived in 2023. It features many old and some newer architecturally designed buildings. Until the late 1970s, the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company was located there, hence the name. In the 1990s, the area was transformed into a residential neighborhood. It is a quieter area with mostly local traffic. In summer, it comes to life with lots of entertainment and recreation on and around the water, including terraces.

Real estate agency Cruquiuseiland

Real estate agent Aland is happy to assist you in the beautiful area of Cruquius eiland, full of new developments and surrounded by water. Between 2020 and 2024, many new buildings were constructed and completed. Everything is brand new and luxuriously finished. These are the characteristics of the new developments on Cruquius Island. You can quickly reach various facilities and the eastern part of the city by bike.

Real estate agency Oostelijk Havengebied