• ✅ Good experiences in Amsterdam
  • ✅ Guidance with purchase and sale
  • ✅ Also available outside office hours
  • ✅ Free valuation
  • ✅ Only pay after results
  • ✅ Orientation meeting in Amsterdam
  • ✅ Low and fair rate
  • ✅ Sales plan for Amsterdam housing market
  • ✅ Only pay after results
  • ✅ Orientation meeting in Amsterdam
  • ✅ Low and fair rate
  • ✅ Sales plan for Amsterdam housing market
  • ✅ Good experiences in Amsterdam
  • ✅ Guidance with purchase and sale
  • ✅ Also available outside office hours
  • ✅ Free valuation

As a local real estate agent, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that the Amsterdam market offers. Whether you are looking for your dream home in the bustling city center, a family-friendly home in one of the charming suburbs, or an investment property in an up-and-coming neighborhood, we are here to help.

At Aland we attach great importance to a personal approach. We listen to your wishes and needs and create a tailor-made plan that meets your goals. Our goal is to offer you a smooth and stress-free process, where we strive for the best result for you as a customer.

Real estate agent in Amsterdam

Aland is the Amsterdam-based real estate agent. The agent is well-versed in all neighborhoods of Amsterdam. As a full-service real estate agent, you can turn to the Amsterdam agent for both buying, selling, and renting properties. Properties in Amsterdam require a bit more attention to details such as ground lease, monumental status, foundations, and homeowners’ associations. Aland has all the expertise to facilitate a smooth transaction. Many satisfied customers have preceded you. Are you planning to move to another property within Amsterdam? An introduction is FREE and non-binding. Our Amsterdam agent from Aland can provide you with a free valuation to give you an indication of the expected selling price.

Real estate agent Amsterdam

Sell property in Amsterdam

The market is so saturated that anyone can sell a property in Amsterdam. You can even sell it yourself. However, there is a real difference between selling a property in Amsterdam for a good result and selling it for the highest and best result. That’s where an experienced, commercially-driven real estate agent from Aland comes in. It’s no coincidence that the majority of companies in the Netherlands still employ sales teams and account managers. Driven agents with sales experience achieve better results than those who do not. Let’s shed some light on this. During viewings, there is often a request for indications of how many people are viewing and at what price the property will sell. Although no hard advice is given, facts such as sold properties in the neighborhood can indeed provide a “higher” direction. Of course, we only highlight the more expensive properties and not the cheaper ones. If you choose to sell your property yourself or opt for a real estate agent where you’re just one of many, you’ll miss out on these crucial details to bring in those extra few thousand euros. Another thing is to be actively and enthusiastically engaged during viewings. Some people find the property attractive and are willing to make an offer, but in their eyes, it’s just not the top-notch property they saw elsewhere. By providing examples of how the property can be improved with minor changes, you can get these people more excited so that they’re willing to go the extra mile.

Purchase house in Amsterdam

Buying a home in Amsterdam in 2024 is quite a challenge. It requires a lot of financial resources due to the great popularity of the city and the housing shortage. The result is that many people queue up for each home and submit a bid. Almost always above the asking price. Even with a large shortage, there are opportunities to buy a home in Amsterdam. Homes that have been completely renovated and have beautiful furniture, whether or not only for sale photos, sell for higher prices than homes that need to be renovated. Then there is the issue of leasehold. A leasehold until 2036 does not have to be wrong, provided the sales price is favorable and the purchase price is payable forever and is in proportion to the purchase price. At the same time, you must carefully consider the consequences if you want to sell the house again around 2030 or later. The new resident will then receive a new canon during his period as a resident. Aland Makelaars can explain all this to you and advise you on this when buying a home in Amsterdam. Many people want to skip homes that need some renovation. But often that is precisely where the opportunities lie to buy a home with less competition and at a better price. Aland can assist you and put you in touch with contractors to renovate the home.


Nini NguyenNini Nguyen
10:02 23 Jan 24
I have the opportunity to work with Arne via a friend's referral. With clear communication and negotiation skill, Arne made the entire process of buying my new home smooth and at a very good price. I highly appreciate that Arne was even helping me after the buying with my renovation process, negotiate with contractor and follow up where needed.Highly recommend the service !!
Patty RochaPatty Rocha
15:26 18 Jan 24
I've met Arne while visiting a property by myself. I realized I had no idea of what to check while visiting a property and was lucky enough to meet an available realtor. He's helped me find a property to purchase in just over a month, and was very helpful on negotiating and also very resourceful arranging inspections, evaluations and notary appointments. He answers quickly, he's patient with our worries, and he understood quickly what I was looking for in a property. I recommend his services highly.
Stefan 86Stefan 86
13:47 09 Jan 24
This real estate agency helped me a lot in the process of finding a rental property.
Tra My NgTra My Ng
15:25 21 Oct 23
Arne helped to sell my house and buy a new one also, everything went very well and smooth. Arne was ALWAYS available for home tours, very well versed at dealing with other real estate agents to get things done quickly, made the buying and selling process so fast and easy. His responsiveness was incredible. It was really a pleasure to work with Arne.
Petite AnnePetite Anne
15:16 22 Jun 23
Arne from Aland Makelaars is very professional, has a great business flair and behaved in my best interest at all times. Arne went above and beyond to help me find my home. He shows patience, determination and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Aland Makelaars services.
Alessandro FornainiAlessandro Fornaini
20:59 08 Mar 23
We met Arne when buying our new house, he was the agent of the selling party. We had such a good connection that we decided to hire him to sell our old apartment.He definitely met our expectations. Across the years, we had experience with several realtors here in Amsterdam, and found Arne to be the most proactive, hands-on and dedicated to us.
Karolina MatogaKarolina Matoga
21:48 07 Mar 23
Great broker! Arne is very available and reliable. He always gives good advice and explains everything when in doubt. The highest level in a very friendly atmosphere. We wholeheartedly recommend it!
Luuk v ELuuk v E
11:41 13 Dec 22
Very satisfied with Arne, very enthusiastic and committed.
Olivier KlesserOlivier Klesser
16:23 18 Jan 22
Arne has helped with the both the purchase of our current apartment and the negotiations regarding the set up of our kitchen and bathroom. Very straight forward and transparent communication as well as an open minded approach.

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