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Our real estate agent in Amstelveen assists people in finding and purchasing homes in Amstelveen. We strive for the best outcome for you. Many satisfied customers have gone before you. With our extensive experience and dedication, we are committed to achieving your housing goals. Get to know us without obligation and discover how we can help you achieve your wishes and needs. Scheduling an introductory meeting is easy and free. Call our office and we will gladly schedule a suitable date and time that works for you. Don’t wait any longer and contact us today!

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  • ✔️ No cure no pay
  • ✔️ Orientation meeting in Amstelveen
  • ✔️ Competitive rates
  • ✔️ Sales plan
  • ✔️ Good experiences in Amstelveen
  • ✔️ Guidance throughout the process from A to Z
  • ✔️ Also available in evenings and weekends
  • ✔️ Free valuation

Questions for the Amstelveen real estate agent?

What are the most popular residential areas in Amstelveen?

Amstelveen consists of the following areas:

  1. “Stadshart”
  2. “Westwijk”
  3. “Kostverlorenhof”
  4. “Elsrijk”
  5. “Randwijck”
  6. “Keizer Karelpark”
  7. “Bankras/Kostverloren”
  8. “Patrimonium”
  9. “Groenelaan”
  10. “Bovenkerk”
  11. “Waardhuizen”
  12. “Nes aan de Amstel”
  13. “Uilenstede”
  14. “Oude Dorp”
  15. “Amstelveen Noord (Amsteldijk Noord)”

The most popular areas are spread across various parts of Amstelveen:

  1. Stadshart:
    • Stadshart is located in the center of Amstelveen, surrounding the Stadshart Amstelveen shopping center and the cultural center, including the Cobra Museum.
  2. Westwijk:
    • Westwijk is situated in the southwest part of Amstelveen, adjacent to the Waardhuizen and Middenhoven neighborhoods. It is a modern district with plenty of new construction.
  3. Keizer Karelpark:
    • Keizer Karelpark is located in the southeast part of Amstelveen, near the Oude Dorp and Stadshart. It is bordered by the Beneluxbaan and Keizer Karelweg.
  4. Elsrijk:
    • Elsrijk is situated in the northeast part of Amstelveen, adjacent to the Amsterdamse Bos. It is a green district with many 1930s homes and a village-like character.

Each area has its own unique characteristics and amenities, making them attractive to different types of residents.

What is the market value and trend of houses in Amstelveen?

The market value of houses in Amstelveen has generally been increasing in recent years, primarily due to demand and limited supply of homes in the region. With its favorable location relative to Amsterdam and good amenities, Amstelveen attracts many potential buyers, driving up property prices. The average price of a home in 2024 is approximately **€610,694**.

Are there amenities and schools in the different neighborhoods of Amstelveen?

There are excellent amenities and schools in the various neighborhoods of Amstelveen. Most neighborhoods are well-equipped with good schools, parks, shops, and public transportation. Some neighborhoods have specific amenities, such as large shopping centers in Westwijk and Stadshart, while others offer more greenery and tranquility, such as Elsrijk and Bovenkerk. It’s advisable to research the amenities and schools available in each neighborhood to find the best match for individual needs and preferences.

Is Amstelveen cheaper than the capital city?

Prices per square meter in the capital city range between €7,000 and €10,000 per square meter as of 2024. In Amstelveen, these prices are roughly between €5,750 and €6,750 as of Q2 2024. Homes in Amstelveen are thus cheaper and often more spacious than those in the capital city.

What does a real estate agent cost in Amstelveen?

Contact us to learn about the options and rates. Real estate agents typically charge between 1% and 2% in Amstelveen. Aland Makelaars offers rates below the average, usually between 0.6% and 1% of the proceeds.

Property in Amstelveen

Sell your house in Amstelveen with Aland

Sell your house in Amstelveen with Aland Makelaars, your reliable partner in real estate transactions. As an experienced real estate agent in Amstelveen, we understand the unique dynamics of the local housing market. With our in-depth knowledge of the region and our extensive network, we assist you at every step of the sales process. From accurately determining the optimal selling price to effectively marketing your property to potential buyers, we are here for you. With Aland Makelaars, you are assured of a smooth sale at the best price. We have helped many customers satisfactorily sell their homes. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in selling your house in Amstelveen.

Amstelveen Stadshart

The Stadshart of Amstelveen is the bustling heart of the city, where shopping, culture, and relaxation come together in a vibrant environment. With an impressive selection of shops, boutiques, and restaurants, the Stadshart offers a diverse shopping experience for everyone. In addition to the shopping offerings, there is also space for art and culture, with galleries, theaters, and events taking place throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed day of shopping, a cultural experience, or just want to enjoy a cozy atmosphere, the Stadshart of Amstelveen has something for everyone.


Vu NamVu Nam
17:58 05 Jun 24
Top real estate agent, helped us very well with buying a home. Communication was very good, always quick response! Would definitely recommend Arne.
trang vutrang vu
17:02 05 Jun 24
Aland Makelaars is the best real estate agent in the Haarlem and IJmuiden area. Very good help with purchasing a home, immediately spot on after 2 viewings. We are very happy with Arne.Top Service and always keep appointments.
Milan van EedenMilan van Eeden
11:15 21 May 24
Received very good support during a very complicated purchasing process. Especially the communication was very good, always a quick response! Would definitely recommend this broker.
Dorota OstrowskaDorota Ostrowska
10:46 03 May 24
I really recommend it. Helped us find a house, which we thought was impossible. Very satisfied.
09:37 02 May 24
It was my pleasure to work with Arne. He’s very dedicated and detailed. Importantly, he’s service oriented from the beginning till the end. We got our house sold via his service, we’re very happy and can highly recommend him.
Nini NguyenNini Nguyen
10:02 23 Jan 24
I have the opportunity to work with Arne via a friend's referral. With clear communication and negotiation skill, Arne made the entire process of buying my new home smooth and at a very good price. I highly appreciate that Arne was even helping me after the buying with my renovation process, negotiate with contractor and follow up where needed.Highly recommend the service !!
Patty RochaPatty Rocha
15:26 18 Jan 24
I've met Arne while visiting a property by myself. I realized I had no idea of what to check while visiting a property and was lucky enough to meet an available realtor. He's helped me find a property to purchase in just over a month, and was very helpful on negotiating and also very resourceful arranging inspections, evaluations and notary appointments. He answers quickly, he's patient with our worries, and he understood quickly what I was looking for in a property. I recommend his services highly.
Stefan 86Stefan 86
13:47 09 Jan 24
This real estate agency helped me a lot in the process of finding a rental property.
Tra My NgTra My Ng
15:25 21 Oct 23
Arne helped to sell my house and buy a new one also, everything went very well and smooth. Arne was ALWAYS available for home tours, very well versed at dealing with other real estate agents to get things done quickly, made the buying and selling process so fast and easy. His responsiveness was incredible. It was really a pleasure to work with Arne.
Petite AnnePetite Anne
15:16 22 Jun 23
Arne from Aland Makelaars is very professional, has a great business flair and behaved in my best interest at all times. Arne went above and beyond to help me find my home. He shows patience, determination and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Aland Makelaars services.
Alessandro FornainiAlessandro Fornaini
20:59 08 Mar 23
We met Arne when buying our new house, he was the agent of the selling party. We had such a good connection that we decided to hire him to sell our old apartment.He definitely met our expectations. Across the years, we had experience with several realtors here in Amsterdam, and found Arne to be the most proactive, hands-on and dedicated to us.
Karolina MatogaKarolina Matoga
21:48 07 Mar 23
Great broker! Arne is very available and reliable. He always gives good advice and explains everything when in doubt. The highest level in a very friendly atmosphere. We wholeheartedly recommend it!
Luuk v ELuuk v E
11:41 13 Dec 22
Very satisfied with Arne, very enthusiastic and committed.
Olivier KlesserOlivier Klesser
16:23 18 Jan 22
Arne has helped with the both the purchase of our current apartment and the negotiations regarding the set up of our kitchen and bathroom. Very straight forward and transparent communication as well as an open minded approach.

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