Vu NamVu Nam
17:58 05 Jun 24
Top real estate agent, helped us very well with buying a home. Communication was very good, always quick response! Would definitely recommend Arne.
trang vutrang vu
17:02 05 Jun 24
Aland Makelaars is the best real estate agent in the Haarlem and IJmuiden area. Very good help with purchasing a home, immediately spot on after 2 viewings. We are very happy with Arne.Top Service and always keep appointments.
Milan van EedenMilan van Eeden
11:15 21 May 24
Received very good support during a very complicated purchasing process. Especially the communication was very good, always a quick response! Would definitely recommend this broker.
Dorota OstrowskaDorota Ostrowska
10:46 03 May 24
I really recommend it. Helped us find a house, which we thought was impossible. Very satisfied.
09:37 02 May 24
It was my pleasure to work with Arne. He’s very dedicated and detailed. Importantly, he’s service oriented from the beginning till the end. We got our house sold via his service, we’re very happy and can highly recommend him.
Nini NguyenNini Nguyen
10:02 23 Jan 24
I have the opportunity to work with Arne via a friend's referral. With clear communication and negotiation skill, Arne made the entire process of buying my new home smooth and at a very good price. I highly appreciate that Arne was even helping me after the buying with my renovation process, negotiate with contractor and follow up where needed.Highly recommend the service !!
Patty RochaPatty Rocha
15:26 18 Jan 24
I've met Arne while visiting a property by myself. I realized I had no idea of what to check while visiting a property and was lucky enough to meet an available realtor. He's helped me find a property to purchase in just over a month, and was very helpful on negotiating and also very resourceful arranging inspections, evaluations and notary appointments. He answers quickly, he's patient with our worries, and he understood quickly what I was looking for in a property. I recommend his services highly.
Stefan 86Stefan 86
13:47 09 Jan 24
This real estate agency helped me a lot in the process of finding a rental property.
Tra My NgTra My Ng
15:25 21 Oct 23
Arne helped to sell my house and buy a new one also, everything went very well and smooth. Arne was ALWAYS available for home tours, very well versed at dealing with other real estate agents to get things done quickly, made the buying and selling process so fast and easy. His responsiveness was incredible. It was really a pleasure to work with Arne.
Petite AnnePetite Anne
15:16 22 Jun 23
Arne from Aland Makelaars is very professional, has a great business flair and behaved in my best interest at all times. Arne went above and beyond to help me find my home. He shows patience, determination and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Aland Makelaars services.
Alessandro FornainiAlessandro Fornaini
20:59 08 Mar 23
We met Arne when buying our new house, he was the agent of the selling party. We had such a good connection that we decided to hire him to sell our old apartment.He definitely met our expectations. Across the years, we had experience with several realtors here in Amsterdam, and found Arne to be the most proactive, hands-on and dedicated to us.
Karolina MatogaKarolina Matoga
21:48 07 Mar 23
Great broker! Arne is very available and reliable. He always gives good advice and explains everything when in doubt. The highest level in a very friendly atmosphere. We wholeheartedly recommend it!
Luuk v ELuuk v E
11:41 13 Dec 22
Very satisfied with Arne, very enthusiastic and committed.
Olivier KlesserOlivier Klesser
16:23 18 Jan 22
Arne has helped with the both the purchase of our current apartment and the negotiations regarding the set up of our kitchen and bathroom. Very straight forward and transparent communication as well as an open minded approach.

What is mortgage advice and why is it important?

Mortgage advice is the process where a financial advisor helps in choosing the right mortgage. A mortgage advisor analyzes the customer’s financial situation, discusses various mortgage options, and helps select the best option based on the customer’s needs and goals.

Why is it important?

  • Expertise: Mortgage advisors have in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market and can help navigate through complex financial products.
  • Customization: They offer personalized advice, considering the unique situation of each customer.
  • Cost savings: By choosing the right product, the customer can save thousands of euros over the mortgage term.
  • Time savings: They take care of the search and comparison work, saving the customer time.

How does a meeting with a mortgage advisor proceed?

A meeting with a mortgage advisor usually proceeds in the following steps:

  • Preparation: The customer gathers necessary documents such as income statements, bank statements, and information about any debts.
  • Introduction: The first meeting is often an introduction where the advisor asks questions to understand the customer’s financial situation and goals.
  • Analysis: The advisor analyzes the gathered information and discusses various mortgage options.
  • Advice: The customer receives a personalized advice report with recommended mortgage options.
  • Choice and Application: The customer chooses a mortgage and the advisor helps with submitting the application to the mortgage provider.
  • Aftercare: After approval and completion of the mortgage, the advisor often offers aftercare services, such as assistance with questions or changes to the mortgage.

What are the costs of mortgage advice?

The costs of mortgage advice can vary depending on various factors:

  • Fixed Fees: Many advisors work with a fixed fee for their services. This fee can range between €1,500 and €3,000.
  • Hourly Rates: Some advisors charge by the hour. This can range between €100 and €200 per hour.
  • Commissions: In some cases, advisors receive a commission from the mortgage provider. This is becoming less common due to transparency regulations.
  • Independent Advisors vs. Banks: Independent advisors offer advice on products from multiple providers and usually charge a fixed fee. Advisors who work at banks only offer products from that specific bank and may sometimes charge lower fees or offer free advice as part of their services.
Mortgage advise

Frequently Asked Questions to the Broker

How do I find a good mortgage advisor?

Look for a certified advisor with good reviews or experiences from others. Check whether the advisor is independent or works for a specific bank. You can also see what options your house banker offers. Note that banks also charge fees for this.

Is mortgage advice mandatory?

In the Netherlands, mortgage advice is mandatory in most cases when taking out a mortgage.

How long does a mortgage advice process take?

It can vary, but on average the process from the first meeting to the completion of the mortgage takes a few weeks to a few months.

What if I am not satisfied with the advice?

Customers have the right to ask for a second opinion from another advisor. Many advisors also offer aftercare to resolve any issues.

Can I get mortgage advice online?

Yes, many mortgage advisors nowadays offer online advisory services, which can be convenient for busy customers or people who do not live near a physical office.

Mortgage advise FAQ

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Filling out the form is the first non-binding step towards obtaining your ideal mortgage. It obliges you to nothing and brings you closer to your dream home. Schedule your appointment today and discover the possibilities! After completing the form or getting in touch, the mortgage advisor or a colleague will contact you promptly to go over everything directly or to schedule an introductory meeting where all your wishes and needs can be discussed.