It can be a long and difficult task to find that one house or apartment you can call home. Without a local agent it can become a mission impossible. Why not let Aland help you in this quest! We love to help with anything even if it’s things besides the real estate in order to get you going.

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House shortage

If you want to buy a house, you must be sure that you have a mortgage lender how much you can borrow. That way you know what to look for. Calculating yourself gives an indication, but perhaps more or less is possible. The bottom line is that when you see a house you want to buy that you can strike. In addition, it is also important for the seller that you give a familiar feeling with the certainty that you can buy the house and that there will be no problems with obtaining the mortgage.

Buying a home in Amsterdam is an extra challenge in the tight housing market. Good advice about the bid to be made and acting in the right way are essential.

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As described above, it is therefore wise to have discussed your financial situation with a mortgage lender. You will then have an indication of your options, whether the offer to be made by you is feasible and whether you can meet the conditions of the mortgage lender. With a new job, extra conditions can be set, such as a letter of intent. Furthermore, in these turbulent times it is also a risk if the mortgage interest suddenly rises during the search for buying a home. This in turn affects the amount that can be borrowed. If you are going to outbid, make sure you do not go over the appraisal value. This usually cannot be financed but must be paid with your own money.


With Aland you can trust to make an offer that matches your financial situation and the value of the home.
Furthermore, having a purchase broker gives the seller confidence. Your bid will be taken more seriously than a bid without a broker. As a buyer’s agent, Aland ensures a smooth and flawless transaction when buying a home.

Contact us today for a free introduction. Aland is your purchase broker for buying a house or home. I would like to explain how we think we can buy a house for you. As a purchase broker, Aland charges a competitive fixed rate. Please contact us for current rates.

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